General Masonic History

Freemasonry is said to be as old as the sun, moon, and stars and some claim this as its birthright. It is ancient as having existed from time and immemorial and can be traced to the original people that came with creation, the Negroids. Freemasonry is your heritage, your rites and a gift that we passed on to our progeny, other cultures and civilization. It is not necessary for Afro-Freemasons and Shriners to petition others for something that is rightfully yours. You must realize that it is all from our-story, the ancient mysteries, not his missed story. It is from your Black Arab ancestors so it is naturally already been yours through blood right. Yes, the original Arabs were Moors “Blacks”. As it is today, a man that is a Freemason usually encourages his son, and mothers encourage their daughter or younger male and female in the family to petition for membership, and in that way those that were blood related would be a part of the Sacred Order.


With this in mind, these same Euro-Freemasons and Shriners can’t afford to let you know the real truth behind Moorish Freemasonry and Shrinedom, the original and originators of Freemasonry and Shrinery. In no way is this intended to offend, nor is it racist; however, the truth of the matter remains, the roots of Freemasonry and Shrinery are found in Ancient Egipt with Negroids from the very beginning of ancient antiquity.

The secrets have been kept sacred from that time until this very day. Only those who have been tried and proven and found worthy, are passed the secrets by way of mouth to ear. Thus the original brotherhood of Freemasonry was formed.

This is the accepted history of the Sabaean (Nuwaubian) Grand Lodge Of Freemasonry Worldwide, Inc. Firstly, let it be known that the Sabaean (Nuwaubian) Grand Lodge of Freemasonry Worldwide, Inc. has its roots in Egypt.


Freemasonic Lodge In Cairo, Egypt in the 1940’s

As far back as 1940 A.D. there were Freemasonic lodges in Cairo, Egypt. During the time of King Farouk I reign, which was from 1936 A.D. until 1952 A.D. his portrait was kept on the upper front wall in the east seat of the Freemasonic Lodge. Also the original Freemasonic emblem under the portrait, which consists of a pyramid with the sun-rays emanating from behind it, was used. There was no G inscribed there at that time. The scripture on the altar was the Koran, and during their rituals, they used the name Allah when referring to God.


The Illustrious Noble
Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York 33°/720°

King Farouk I was a Freemason and then crossed over to the Shrine in Cairo, Egypt. He was a member of the A.E.O. & A.N.O.M.S., Ancient Egiptian Order & The Arab Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine, International Supreme Council of Shrinedom or Arab Shrinedom, not to be mistaken by the misconception and use of the words “Arabic Shrinedom.” President Gamal Abdel Nasser who was president of Egypt from 1954 A.D. until his death in 1970 A.D. and President Muhammad Anwar Al Sadat, who became president of Egypt in 1970 A.D. until his death in 1981 A.D. were also Freemasons and members of the Arab Shriners.


Sovereign Grand Commander:
The Supreme Grand Master
 H.E. Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York(e) 33º/720º


Our most esteemed Grand Lodge is born out of affiliations with The Pride of Georgia Grand Lodge AF & AM 33rd Scottish Rite Freemason and Amos Grand Lodge of Macon, Georgia with H.E. Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York(e) 33º/720º.

We set forth a request to establish The Nuwaupian Grand Lodge of Freemasonry International Inc. It is known today as The Nuwaupian Grand Lodge of Freemasonry Worldwide, Inc. or just simply The Nuwaupian Grand Lodge. Our Great Order today called the Masonic Order, or Order of Builders is an Age Old Order and was not founded in 1717 A.D. in England.

Let it be known that this Most Worshipful Nuwaupian Grand Lodge Original Egiptian Masonic Order O.E.M.O. Worldwide Jurisdiction was enacted in Alexandria, Egipt 54 A.D. and works under its own charter.

The Original Egiptian Masonic Order pre-dates Native American, European, and Afro-American Masons. As a Native American “American Indians”, the Sovereign Grand Commander H.E. Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York(e) 33°/720°was affiliated with F. & A. M. because as Native Americans we were accepted before Prince Hall Affiliated Masonry or Prince Hall Lodges were founded. These letters or signatures are a play on words to divide this worldwide brotherhood that originated in Egypt, Africa. The fact is that Masonic teachings originally called Al Baniyya “The Builders”, was given to civilize mankind by the Moors, the renown master of civilization.

The United Sabaeans Worldwide Supreme Grand Lodge Of Free Masons