What is Freemasonry


All Hail! All Hail! All Hail!

All True Freemasonry has its Roots Planed in Ancient Egypt from Whence It Grew. The Land of the Negroids.

This Most Benevolent Secret Order has existed from time and immemorial, a true Worldwide Brotherhood of protectors and keepers of the secrets, the truth bearers. The True Masonic Order goes back to Ancient Egypt as Mystery Schools of Tehuti, Thoth, Hermis and Ancient Babylon, Nimrod, son of Cush, was a Master Builder (Genesis 10:8).


The temples, tombs, pyramids, and obelisks of Ancient Egipt were built by the True Master Builders on Nubia. The greatest of builders were the Egiptians (Africans) first, next, the Sumerians of Babylon, the Chinese of the Far East, the Southeast Indians, and the Natives of North and South America. Gradually, we, the Africans or original people civilized others like the Greeks and Roman Europeans. They learned from the Egyptians and found the means to erect stately cathedrals, castles, and other large buildings, but never to match their Noble Dark-skinned Master Builders of Egipt who were all Negroid or wooly-haired Negroids who taught them.


While the Operative Masonic Brothers were developing their craftsmanship, they instituted a high degree of morality and learned to protect their principles and their secrets through the use of a simple ritual. As the years went by, the ritual became more sophisticated and Europeanized. But throughout the years, tools and implements of Architecture were used symbolically to imprint wise and serious truths upon the mind. Before long the world was lead to believe the Masonic Order was founded by Caucasoids and not Egiptian Moors.


In the Seventeenth Century, if not before, non-operative men were accepted into some of the lodges, or guilds of Masons. They accepted the teachings of morality laid out by their Operative Brethren, and because most of these “accepted Masons” were learned men, they expanded the symbolism of the rituals then in use. They changed them to their culture, Europeanized them as you see today in many Masonic Books, and there were many different rituals being used. However, they were in several respects similar to the original. However, the Race, the Language and the Tools changed. That’s why many think Masonic Brothers started in Europe, in England and not Egipt, its real site of origin. The first Masons were Dark-skin, wooly-haired Egiptians called Sabaeans (Wu-Nuwupu).


Operative masonry of Europe gave way to Euro-Speculative Masonry on June 24, 1717 A.D. Yorkshire, England, at the Apple Tree Tavern. That’s when the European first Grand Lodge was formed in London, England. The old rituals that could be found were gathered together. Dr. James Anderson (1680 A.D. – 1739 A.D.), a Presbyterian minister and Scotsman, was commissioned to use them as a basis for Constitutions to govern all Euro-Freemasons. James Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723 A.D., is still the basis for all Euro-Masonic law. But the Truth is Yorkshire are Negroids who taught the Europeans. See the Crest of Moors, Maurs, Muurs (Black-A-Moors of Yorkshire London) on page 74 of The Universal Lessons Of The Masonic Lodge The Secret Degrees and Studies of F.C. Fellow Craft.


The British Families include: the Moors of Yorkshire, including Sir Thomas Moor, Chancellor of Henry VIII (Yorkshire Genealogist, Vol. 2 Pg. 78). The others are from Fairbarn’s Book of Crests; Fox-Davies Armorial Families; and Elwen’s Book of Crest.

The original word British or Brit comes from the Hebrew word barityth meaning, “covenant, alliance, pledge.” Or ‘esh meaning “fire”. Or ‘iysh meaning “male” or ‘ishshah meaning “female.” So it means, “The covenant of the child of fire.” So the original Founding Fathers from England were Moors not Causcasoids.


Africa, the Land of the Negriods and referred to as Nubia or Ancient Egypt is the true source of the mystical orders and schools and keepers of the secrets. The Romans and Greeks were civilized by Egiptians and Sumerians. The European Masonic rituals were grafted from the Greek Roman Greco-Roman who got from the original Moorish Masonic rituals who got it from the Original Egiptian Mystery Schools. Because the ritual has remained the same doesn’t mean that you should. You Must Grow. You Must Know from whence came you.


In Ancient Egipt and Sumeria the Negroid had been reading and writing for many millenniums. Very learnt in all the sciences and civilized others to the best of their ability. All the sciences and so called seven liberal arts or education and its connected studies are found in Egipt first then from there spread world over by the Original Egiptian Masters. This Great Brotherhood, today called Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and most benevolent school of thought by way of an Ancient Order originally called Al Baniyya “The Builders.” It is worldwide everywhere under the blue skies. The Earth is our Temple, Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Lodge. The Blue Sky is our Canopy, Ceiling. You, my brother have entered God’s great house, The Blue House. The Blue symbolic of the Sky above, and the very name of earth below, The Blue Planet, was built for us to take care of. It is our Holy Temple. We were given dominion over it all (Genesis 1: 26-28). It was given to us to rule.

Our original site was the city of Fez, in Morocco, today it’s in the country of Nuwaupia, in the city of Wahanee, with many Grand Lodges worldwide there exist the Nuwaupian Supreme Grand Lodge No. 1. As children of these former manumitted slaves and sovereign peoples who have decided to journey from all other places to Wahanee, Nuwaupia, we attest that our society has constantly maintained an example to bring about the absorption of the Masonic Five Principles, which is a necessity for all to create a more perfect citizenship of Wahanee, called Tama-Re or the Little Egipt of the West, among us Freemasons, or Warrant, from the Grand Lodge under whose jurisdiction it works.


In my heart and in my mind from my experiences, the sectism and the separation will be eliminated by the efforts of those amongst us whose concerns are Freemasonry and Shrinedom and not self-gains and egos. – The Supreme Grand Master H.E. Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York 33°/720°, The Sovereign Grand Commander of The Nuwaupian Worldwide Masonic Lodges of The Sabaean (Nuwaupian) Grand Lodge of Freemasonry Worldwide.