Hail! Hail! Hail!

Masonic Brothers in Liberia with Grand Master: George E. Henries 33°

President of Liberia George Weah - Brotherly Love.

Don’t Hide The True Light, Be Real With Yourself Let It Shine, Let It Shine, Let It Shine!

We, Brethren of The Most Worshipful Sabaean Grand Lodge of Freemasonry Worldwide, Inc. would like to send out a Greeting of Peace to all our fellow Negroid Masonic Family. Be you Ancient Free & Accepted, Free & Accepted, International Free & Accepted, Modern Free & Accepted, Prince Hall Affiliated etc, we as Freemasons all trace our true roots and family lineage to Mother Africa, our ancestors. This message to all of our Masonic Family is long overdue. We must learn to focus on what we have in common as opposed to what separates us. We were all Negroid men and women long before we took on whatever affiliations we may have become a part of now.  Do you remember Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Medgar Evers, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many more of our African-American Masonic brethren, who were slain for fighting for equal rights for their own oppressed people in particular and all people in general to have a part of the American dream?  These great Negroids now meet in the Lodge of Sorrow in the Celestial Abode On High and see their efforts and dreams of unification fade away.  Was it all in vain? We think not. Their affiliation did not matter.  Our brethren were slain for one reason and one reason only. They were fighting for a better quality of life for us, the melanin-ite children of the sun. This same persecution is being lived, felt, and suffered by our Noble Brother Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York.

This Brings Us To The Heart Of The Matter: “Why Is This 33° Freemason & Shriner Still In Prison?”

It is widely accepted by most people because of biased, one-sided presentation of evidence by the media that Rev. Dr. Malachi Kobina York is in prison because he was convicted of child molestation. This is not true. Our Noble Brother was convicted of a bogus RICO charge. He is Innocent of all charges. The information presented in “Why Is This 33° Degree Freemason & Shriner Still In Prison?” shows that he is innocent of the alleged crimes, and also why he was really kidnapped and incarcerated. The powers that be had to stop Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York from that Great and Sacred Work of “enlightening” and uniting the Negroid Masonic Family world-wide and put an end to his tireless efforts for over 40 years of sharing  ancient truths and lost facts in his many publications. Did you know that one of the reasons Rev. Dr. Malachi K. York was railroaded and conspired against is for answering the question: Why do we beg others for charters and warrants when they should be begging us?

As his-story has proven the Romans and Greeks came to Egypt sneezing and coughing with many blood diseases begging to sit at the feet of the Great Masters to be “raised” in intellect, morals, and cleanliness of life. Yes, we civilized them and others. Some interesting notes should be made here:

(1) The true secrets called ancient mysteries of the Master Builders were never revealed. This is the reason why so-called Egyptologists and Cryptologists with so-called doctorate degrees from Harvard and Yale spend 30 to 40 years of their lives in Egypt – Africa and still don’t know how the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built.  

(2) The true meanings of our “rituals” were never revealed to the profane, because of the oaths that the Great Egiptian Masters took. So as they “speculated” or guessed and wandered about the rituals they saw us doing, while only we really knew as we built “operated” from our Divine Mind’s   Eye.

(3) Some of the Great Masters lost their lives for not revealing the secrets. Research Saqat-En-Re the Scorpion King, Seqenenre  Tao (Ptah) II (Paa Athan) of Ancient Egypt if you would like to know where the legend of Grand Master Hiram Abiff really came from. Ask yourself, who was really “free” and who were the ones who had to be “accepted”.

(4) The Sacred Volume of Law informs us, the baby Jesus was taken into Egypt – Africa to be hidden and kept safe until the death of King Herod, correct? The first 12 years of Jesus’ life, he was “raised” in the most advanced Masonic Society the world will ever know. Upon his return to Jerusalem, he had already well learnt enough to dumbfound the elders in Jerusalem (Luke 2:41-49). So he had a more advanced doctrine than the Judahites in Jerusalem. What was that doctrine? And what did Jesus look like (Rev 1:14-15)? That’s right, a dark-skinned, red-eyed Negoid. Who else on the planet has that trait of red-eyes besides us Negroids?  Who?  None else, that’s who.

(5) Where did Jubela (Ruben), Jubelo (Simon), and Jubelum (Levi) go after the murder of Hiram Abiff? Ethiopia (Meroe), correct? A country of dark skinned-Nubians. So they had to have looked like the people who lived there to blend in, correct? And who are they really and what are their real names? We put forth several more questions of which all Freemasons should have the answers to:  If King Solomon (Amun Hutip Paa Thalan III and Remus Paa Athan II, he was both in one) was the Grand Master of the Most Ancient Lodge, King Hiram of Tyre (Anointed Cherub, Ezekiel 28) was the Grand Senior Warden, and Hiram Abiff was the Grand Junior Warden, how did Hiram Abiff know the secret word and the Grand Master and Grand Senior Warden didn’t? Question, if Hiram Abiff was buried three times how did his ashes get into the Weeping Virgin’s Urn? Ahs-et. He would have to have been cremated, correct?

The point we are making should be clear by now, which is,  the true secrets were with the Great Nubian Masters who built the Great Pyramids of Egipt – Africa – Negroid Land that still stand 10,500 years later, of whom we descended from. These great structures were wrought and constructed without the sound of axe or hammer and “mortar”, the true sign of a Master Builder. With a little research, you will find that there are far more pyramids in the heart of Africa as far as Nubia (Napata) and the Sudan (Dongola) that are never talked about. The reason for this is because after centuries of invasions and race-mixing, non-Negroids will say the present day inhabitants of Egypt- Africa are the same as those who built Ancient Egipt. This is one of their greatest “secrets”! They know if they talk about the pyramids of Napata and the Dangola (Sudan), all you see are very dark-skinned people, Negroids/Nuwbuns before mixing to become Nubians/Nuwaubians as many of us Negroids are today. You see, then they will have to admit we Negroids, Africans are the true Master Builders, Freemasons and Shriners because they don’t know how it was done. Do you see the games now? 

If God said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT”, he must have been in the dark when he said it. Then they say light is intelligent, step into the light, correct? On the flip side, they say darkness is dumb, ignorance, correct? This is just another way to make us hate ourselves or separate you from reality. There is intelligence and peace in the darkness.  Light exist in the darkness.  Light is temporary and darkness is everywhere permanent.  Just look into the heavens where the sun is always shining in and from the darkness. Africa is the “dark” continent. Can’t you see that, or is the light blinding you? Open your 3rd, All-Seeing Eye. Never forget that we are the original African Family & Ancient Masons, the oldest seed on this planet? The Masonic Order commonly referred to as Freemasonry was suppose to be the common denominator to unite men regardless of their religious beliefs or race, correct? So why have Negroids/Nuwaupians the original Master Builders, allowed others that we schooled, raised and chartered to divide us because of mere letters of affiliation. It’s about the same as rival college fraternities and even worst the crips and bloods killing each other over a red or blue bandana. 
On the principle of Brotherly Love, masonry unites men of every country, sect, opinion, and causes true friendship to exist among those who otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance. To relieve the distressed is a duty incumbent on all men. We, as Freemasons must be alert to recognize these opportunities and offer our services in the way that will best bring Relief. All brothers remember that moment in the lodge when they were in a destitute condition and indeed an object of Charity. When you are in need of help, you don’t ask what affiliation are the children, adults, or even their complexion.  You just help. Either way, it is the right thing to do. So we challenge all of our Brothers to look at the evidence with an open unbiased mind and you decide “Why Is This 33° Freemason & Shriner Still In Prison?”


Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love In Truth
The Grand Architect of the Universe
The Great I AM
The Great Spirit of Eternal Creation
Grace Be With You All, Amen