beehive1aThe Beehive is the symbol used by many Kings on their crest. Bees were a symbol of generative power. The Beehive is found in Freemasonry as a reminder that diligence, cooperation and labor for a common good, brings on true success. There are 72 stones on the pyramid arranged in 13 rows. 72 is another secret number, which is a multiple of the Masonic Most Sacred Number 9, 7+2=9, and nine is the divine multiple, for example: 9×19; 9×9=81 and 81+9=90; 90° angles, or Nine to the ninth power of nine. 9 is the symbol of new birth as in conceiving a project and staying with it until it’s born or built. 9 Stones in the Royal Arch. The Eagle was originally the Egiptian Phoenix bird.

phoenixindex.1This Great Seal was submitted by a Euro- American William Barton (1754 A.D.-1817 A.D.) in 1782 A.D. In January 1777 A.D., a second committee was formed. The design consultant for this group was a Euro-American Francis Hopkinson (1737 A.D.-1791 A.D.) and he proposed The Pyramid of Egypt, an Olive Branch of Jerusalem and a Radiant Constellation of Thirteen Stars, originally 6-pointed stars of David. This was also rejected and a third committee was formed. Five years later on May 4, 1782 A.D., the third and final committee took another try. Secretary of Congress, a Euro- American Charles Thomas (1729 A.D.-1824 A.D.), appointed the Euro-Freemason William Barton, A.M (1754 A.D.-1817 A.D.) as head artistic consultant again. They borrowed and limited the ideas of the first two committees, and completed the finalized draft of the Great Seal as found on the back of The One Dollar Bill on June 20, 1782 A.D. The seal with the great Native American symbol of the great spirit of the eagle replaced the original phoenix.


Great Spirit Of Eternal Creation
13 is the letter “B”. In the Hebrew, it’s ( Beyth, Strong’s #872 in the Online Bible, meaning, “to Enter, entrance to a building, coming in, entry (to a temple) “, by way of. Remember, at all times, you are a bee “B” working in the great beehive of Freemasonry, building a better world. We all work as one.


Symbol of the Bee
The life of the honeybee is the life of the Masonic people called The Brotherhood, which also includes women: adaptable to all extremes of climate (degrees) and are fed (knowledge) and made secure through hardship and tribulation (trials and tribulations). The life of a bee represents a life of discipline, organization and order (the lodge). Each individual honeybee is important only when it is part of a colony or community. So, as it is with a Freemason; they are of no importance as I, an individual, but as WE, collectively. The beehives dome is the same structure as the church, synagogue, mosque and the State Capitol in Washington D.C. in U.S.A. and many others worldwide I learn that THE ME becomes THE WE, inverted.