Truth: The Tenet That Symbolizes Divinity

Truth can be said to symbolize divinity. Truth is the foundation of everything that is just. It is what man is constantly seeking. All of us look at everything differently but there is one truth. We are conditioned by our environment, associates, and education. All of us look at life through restricted windows. No two people see exactly the same thing at the same time or ways. What is factual to one, won’t be to another but a fact is a fact, like it or not. So, it is with symbolism. Each will see something different-and rightly so. But the hand that created the symbol knows its true meaning that is what we seek.

The Spirit Of Truth – The Supreme Grand Master:
H.E. Dr. Malachi Kobina York(e) 33°/720° Is With Us

When it comes to the Blue House. We always said The Square Deal.  Thats like this is the truth or let me straigthen this out. So we say Square Deal this or that…”Square Me Away”….SGM.

Grand Master’s Check Word

Truth is divine attribute and the foundation of every virtue.  To be good and true are the first lessons we are taught in Masonry.  On this theme we contemplate, and by its dedidates endeavor to regulate our conduct, hence while influenced by this principle, hyprocrisy and deceit are unknown among us.  Sincerity and plain dealing (Square Deal, Square Me Away) distinguish us and the heart and tongue join in promoting each others welfare and rejoicing in each others prosperity.